14 Easy and Adaptable Green Ideas for The Home

Helloshabby.com -- A house with shades of green becomes a home design that never make us boring to talk about. Green color is close to the nature vibe, so it can make the house feel so fresh and natural. Moreover, combined with appropriate and stylish home decor, a home in green color will feel and better than ever. 

As in the house that we'll review about. The house combines green color and aesthetic Japandi-style as home decor elements. The Japandi style is an interior trend that is a hybrid of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics. It makes the house more functional, warm and calming. 

If you're interested in applying green and Japanese style at home, keep reading for 14 Easy and Adaptable Green Ideas for The Home.

Green things in exterior design 

Green is a color that easily attracts our attention. Applying it to the exterior design of the house can be a way to make the exterior of the house look fresh and different. You can apply it to the fence design and exterior wall. This green color in exterior design will make it easier for anyone who will visit your house to find your home. 

Minimalist but spacious yard 

It doesn't matter if you have a small front yard. You can design it in a simple and minimalist way, without putting a lot of decoration elements so that the yard feels spacious. If you want to have an outdoor seating in the yard, put a simple pair of chairs for a relaxing seat to enjoy the fresh air.

Fresh and Comfy Garden

Choosing a home theme in green, it feels incomplete without presenting a natural green open space. So, try to have a fresh open green garden in your home. Garden design doesn't have to be complicated, even with lush greenery and mini footpaths will refresh your home. The home vibe will be far from dry and barren atmosphere. 

Bring in the greenery

No need to confuse when choosing green decorations in the living room. Just choose greenery as the decoration of the room. You can put short plants in stacking shelves to keep the beauty visible. While exclusive plants such as Monstera can be displayed in the plant holder stand, so the plant can be seen as the focal point of the room. 

Simple TV Room Design 

Having a TV room is good to bring family member. That's why, you need to design it as comfortable as possible. Comfort can also be obtained in a simple way. You can display on the compact cabinet. Then in front of the TV cabinet, place a soft green rug for your place to watch a TV show. 

Adding yellow sofa cushions is also a good trick to enhance the color visualization in this room. 

Easy-to-get green decor

Green decoration is actually very easy to get, even many of them have a cheap price. Let's say the plants, the painting or the picture in tropical vibe and more. You can decorate the TV area with green decorations such as plants and paintings with fresh tropical motifs. The plant don't have to be a Monstera, there are many choices of greenery that are affordable, and ready to enliven the space. 

Boys' room 

If the boy don't like the green things in their room, don't force them to have it. A bedroom is always a very private room, even for a kid. Give them a room they like. For example, a boy's room with an all-monochrome look. Monochrome colors tend to be masculine and give your boys peace of mind. 

A Mini Library and Workspace

Book collections are worth putting in a display rack. A display rack will make it easier for you when you have to organize and restore books that you have read. In addition, the collection of books displayed on the shelves will be a timeless decoration element. 

In the corner of the room, you can put a mini workspace with a sectional table and floating shelves. This workspace will help you get things done. 

Kitchen with Japandi Style 

Kitchen with Japandi style still follow the minimalist design principles. Decutter the kitchen space by neatly arranging the kitchen furniture in the shelves and cabinets provided. It's the best to use natural materials such as wooden cabinets or wooden flooring. But if it's hard, instead of wooden flooring, you can use a ceramic flooring in natural wood color. So, it does look so natural.

Simple but warm atmosphere

The kitchen has an open design close to the inner court garden. But, this kitchen is also connected to the interior. This design will certainly facilitate access to the kitchen. 

The kitchen look is so simple, but presents a comfortable and warm impression. Thanks to the wood color elements on the floor, and also the dim lights that brighten up the kitchen space. 

Cozy Inner court garden design

Natural space make this Japandi style home feel better. The fresh air will make anyone in this area more relaxed. You can even make this inner court garden design at home. Spread the pebbles on the ground. Then plant a spider plant around it. Place a pair of chairs to relax. Don't forget to turn on the wall by installing a floating shelf to display vines or small plants.

Small Master Bedroom Design 

Take your small master bedroom to the next level by decorating it perfectly. You can pick a bedsheet in pastel colors, but make sure to choose the sheet that has a bright green color. So, it will look harmonious with the greenery decoration around the room. 

Simple clean lines

The furniture design of this room us simple clean lines. This will make the minimalist room look clean and comfortable. Beside that, the simple furniture design will make the room look neater and more spacious. 

That's all for 14 Easy and Adaptable Green Ideas for The Home. So, tell us what do you like from the designs above. Tell us by commenting your favorite on our Facebook page at Home Design Picture. 

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