Cozy, Minimalist Interior Designs to Steal Creativity from It -- Nowadays, minimalist interior design is quite popular. The clutter-free space help to declutter the mind and to give some peace of mind for the owner. Having the minimalist interior design is also fun. Because, you have to pay attention more on the functionality without giving up the visual appealing of the room. 

Choosing a minimalist interior design doesn't mean you'll be limited in terms of layout or space d├ęcor. If you need some inspiration to create the perfect and  minimalist home interior, keep reading for "Cozy, Minimalist Interior Designs to Steal Creativity from It".

Minimalist Living Room Design

To make a minimalist living room, you just need simple and efficient furniture. In the living room, you can place a comfy sofa with a large rug underneath. The rug is used to make the room warmer and add more textures to the room. The furniture can be placed along the wall, so the living room look spacious and airy. 

Play with Colors 

Minimalist interior design usually use a neutral or earthy tone as the main color of the room. But it's okay if you want to use another color schemes to the bedroom. For example, a minimalist bedroom with touch of blue and yellow colors is a good choice to make the room look bright and cheerful. It's still minimalist because there's not much stuff in bedroom. 

Open kitchen near the garden 

Extended your kitchen space by making it more open near the garden. The kitchen is designed in one wall layout that save space. The kitchen above do not have the cabinet under the countertop, so the space under countertop closed using a mini curtain to make it look neat and clean. 

Place the greenery indoor

Bring outdoor to indoor is a nice thing to do. You can place some houseplants on some spot in your home. Don't bother yourself, just choose the greenery that low- maintenance and perfect for indoor. You can choose golden pothos, areca palm and so on. Those plants can place indoor with low sunlight condition. 

Enliven the wall 

Create a statement on the wall. You can install a floating shelf as a place to display family photos, a mirror, a plant and some decorative frame. If it is not enough, just hang a macrame wall decor to enliven the wall maximally. 

Laundry room design in front of the bathroom

The combination of laundry room near the bathroom does seem more fitting. However, make sure the water faucets and sewers are adequate to make it easier for you to wash clothes. If you don't want the floor of the room to be flooded, you can make the floor elevation where the washing is up 7-10 cm from the main floor. Better yet, the floor where to wash is also made with a model of steps so that the water does not wet the floor of the room. 

Indoor garden for better living space 

Designing an indoor garden will give a fresh natural atmosphere to the home. The garden is equipped with a skylight. The skylight allows the natural light to brighten up the space, so the houseplants in the garden can growth well and make the garden look more green and fresh. 

Hopefully those Cozy, Minimalist Interior Designs to Steal Creativity from It  is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home design. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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