Pop Interior Design: Turn Your Home into A Fresh and Colorful House

Helloshabby.com -- Do you feel that the interior design of your house looks so ordinary? Well, maybe it's time to make a little or big changes to your home. One of the best ideas is incorporating some pop color to your interior design.  This is a handy way to make your home interior even more special. Because, the pop color will make the home interior look more colorful.

Don't worry about too eye-catching colors. When the pop color things are applied in right and proportional arrangement, your home will look better than ever. For more detail, keep reading for Pop Interior Design: Turn Your Home into A Fresh and Colorful House.

A combinations of white, light blue and some pop colors

The design of this living room is perfect for those of you who want the room to look colorful but not excessive. The wall uses a light blue color, the other part uses a white zigzag wallpaper with a slight accent of soft pastel colors. Meanwhile, the flooring is using parquet floor. So, the living room will feel cozier.

Enliven the living room space by choosing a rug in colorful pop color schemes, a stacking racks in pop colors and more. Neutral colors and well-applied pop colors will make the room more attractive. 

A multifunction TV background design 

Actually, this interior design is very suitable for those of you who have a small minimalist house or studio apartment. When you need to separate the living room and dining space, you can use a multifunctional TV background. The TV background act as a place to put a TV set. It also has a display rack to display some decorations. At the same time, this TV background also act as room partition. Don't forget to choose a TV background in pop color to make the room have a matching look.

Colorful Kitchen Design 

For small kitchen space, it is better to choose one wall kitchen layout. Just design the kitchen furniture along the wall. This idea will make the kitchen have more space without giving up on its functionality. You can pick kitchen cabinets in magenta and neon yellow color. For others color features, it is better to choose the same color temperature to create a harmonious look. 

Minimalist Dining Room Design with Hanging Plants 

The dining room design makes good use of the free space in the kitchen. The dining room uses a table and a bench placed in front of the partition. Make sure you choose a strong partition model so that it doesn't collapse when you lean on the partition.  

The space is also decorated in a variety of ways. Start from the color selection for dining room furniture in pop color that have same temperature as kitchen furniture. In addition, there are also several hanging plants in the floating shelves to refresh the atmosphere of this dining room and kitchen. 

Minimalist Laundry Room 

Even when you have a small laundry room space, but if you set it up well, it will appear more interesting. For example, you can make use of vertical space to build  a floating rod to hang some of your clothes. Above the floating rod, you can also install a floating racks to keep in order some washing and cleaning tools. 

Hopefully those Pop Interior Design: Turn Your Home into A Fresh and Colorful House idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about interior design ideas. We hope you will be easier in realizing your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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