The 7 Best Indoor Plants For Minimalist Home

The 7 Best Indoor Plants For Minimalist Home -- Filling the house interior with furniture is a common thing to do. But making the house more beautiful with houseplants will certainly be an interesting and awesome thing. It is true that ornamental plants need sunlight to provide maximum growth process. But, you don't have to be afraid if indoor houseplants will die if put in the house. Because plants that can be put indoor will need less light. Well, what plant area suitable for interior design in your home? 

Golden Photos

plant bananas

This type plant in this pot has the name golden photos with the shape of leaves like green hearts. It ca grow in the interior of the house, this plant does not need to require extra care. Included in vines with smooth leaves. You can hang in the middle of the room and be the center of a charming interior.


Peace Lily


The next plant that is suitable to be placed in the house is peace lily. Although in the room this plant still thrives as long as there are neon lights as the lighting. If you want to give it natural sunlight, place it near the window of a space like this. Its thick green leaves and white flowers make this peace lily make this peace lily a dream indoor plant.


Calathea Ornata


Calathea ornate is a type of beautiful leafy ornamental plant with dark green color with accents of thin stripes of soft pink. This plant has another name calathea fatel because of its feminine appearance. You can put in the house by paying close attention to the treatment.


Spider Plant


The next indoor plant recommendation is spider plant. You can put this plant on a model and be a different decoration.  You can keep it away from direct sunlight exposure. Its thin leave is elongated with a distinctive color of whitish light green.



Plants that are often used as interior ornamental house is a Sansevieria plant. Flat and elongated leaves upwards have a green color with a white motif throughout. To give a beautiful decoration. Place it in a shady area and not directly exposed to the sun.

Monstera Deliciosa


Of the many ornamental plants, monstera is the most popular contemporary plant. The hollow surface of the leaves and the shape of the fingers on the edges make the characteristic of this plant. The size of deliciosa leaves are larger than other monstera this is what makes this plant a favorite of many people.


Birds of Paradise


This other exotic plant is known as the flowers bird of heaven. This plant that is almost tilted with banana fruit plants has a smaller shape. But when flowering, the flower will be attractive with an orange crown. The need for sunlight is quite a lot, this plant foam is placed in a shady area of origin with a warm temperature.

Hopefully those  The 7 Best Indoor Plants For Minimalist Home is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about indoor plants ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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