Simple yet Stylish Bedroom Ideas for Couples --  For every couple, the bedroom may be the most favorite and enjoyable place. The bedroom is not just a place to lay down or rest, it can also be a space to share stories, give love, cuddle up, and a special place to enjoy the favorite Netflix shows together. 

Therefore, the bedroom design for couples should be made as comfortable as possible. Not only accommodate the needs of one party, but the room must provide comfort for both. Here are few ideas to create a bedroom you'll both love. 

Create a warm and romantic atmosphere in the bedroom 


Bring a warm and romantic vibe in the bedroom.  You can try to design the lighting of the room with the dim lights that does not dazzle the eyes. This lighting gives a warm and cozy atmosphere to the room.

Small bedroom size can be overcome by putting a mattress on the floor, without a bed frame. Place the soft rug under the mattress to keep the mattress warm and comfortable. When the anniversary comes, you can make a surprise by making a statement of your love with the words I love you on the bed. 

A clean look bedroom 


Every couple would have loved a clean looking bedroom. So make sure the room area is neatly arranged and away from scattered items. You can put the room decoration on the stacking rack and place your thing in order on the cabinets. Make a cozy statement by picking an orange bedsheet and floral blanket on the bed. 

An open concept for more lovely room


This room is a favorite room for the owner. The room is in direct contact with outdoor space through a wide glass door that is flooded with sunlight from the direction of the balcony. The scenery outside makes the room feel more integrated with nature. This nuance is what makes this bedroom feel spacious and fresh. 

Bring in an elegant navy blue hue to the room 


Some couples may have a certain favorite color, for example the white and blue navy combination. Both colors bring an elegant and classy look to the room. Give interesting patterns on the room to bring dynamic vibe, so the room won't look so empty and boring. 

Add romance with wood and brown natural color


In winter or rainy season, the bedroom is the best place to cuddle and spend time together. Make the room feels warm by choosing thick blanket in brownish color. Pick hardwood flooring in the bedroom is a great compromise. The hardwood flooring will make the room look more earthy and cozier. 

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