Wonderful Space-Saving Kitchens Under The Stairs

Helloshabby.com -- There are many ways to maximize limited space in our tiny home. For example, the area under the stairs that leaves space, it is worth maximized for more useful space, rather than being left empty. One solution is to design a kitchen under the stairs. The kitchen design under the stairs doesn't always look narrow or crowded, there are many ways to keep the kitchen under the stairs airy and make cooking more enjoyable. 

Curious about the kitchen design under the stairs that is comfortable with the right way of arrangement? Keep reading for Wonderful Space-Saving Kitchens Under The Stairs, below!

Kitchen under stairs with one wall layout 


Turn the unused space under the stairs into a minimalist kitchen. You can design a kitchen in one-wall layout. The kitchen furniture is arranged in along the wall, which makes the kitchen space feel more spacious. Between the upper cabinet and the stairs, there is still space that can be used. You can use it to install a floating shelf which follows the dimension of the stairs.

Combo kitchen and dining room under the stairs 


Have a spacious space under the stairs like this? You can make combo kitchen and dining room. The L-shaped kitchen countertop and cabinet is used to  fill the bottom corner of the stairs. The L-shaped layout allows you to have more space, especially in the center of the kitchen space. This empty place can be used to put other furniture. Just place a set of dining chairs to make casual dining room in the same area. 

Bring some color to the kitchen under the stairs 


The space under the stairs tends to be narrow, but that doesn't mean you can't present a kitchen with your favorite theme. The kitchen under the stairs that looks thematic is certainly more beautiful in the eyes.

You can apply purple themes with a lively pattern. The sides of the stairs are painted in a bright and sweet combination of blue and purple. Some patterns are applied to kitchen backsplash, curtains under tables, and mini rugs. With a beautiful and vibrant look, cooking will feel more fun, right?

Kitchen under stairs with white shades


Applying white color to the minimalist kitchen under the stairs can make the kitchen always look clean and spacious. You can choose a kitchen set with white color display and combine with black marble countertop to give the impression of an elegant Scandinavian kitchen. 

A dynamic kitchen under the stairs


The stylish contemporary kitchen can also be presented under the stairs. You can choose furniture in white that has a stylish design. The wall area near the stairs can be used to install open floating racks and a cabinet. Some walls are also made chic with an unfinished style look of brick and exposed cement. 

Tiny and chic kitchen under the stairs 


When you want to design a kitchen under the stairs, make sure the space between the stairs and the upper wall of the kitchen is covered by a solid barrier, so that dirt from above does not fall into the kitchen area. 

For a tiny kitchen space, maximize the kitchen design by choosing kitchen furniture in blue navy color that look sleek and stylish. The upper wall that cannot be fitted with a top cabinet can be replaced by a floating shelf. 

Hopefully those Wonderful Space-Saving Kitchens Under The Stairs   is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about kitchen design ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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