Two in One: 6 Combo Space Design Ideas and Styles -- Due to certain consideration, combining two different rooms in one place maybe the good idea. It can make the space look bigger and brighter. Large space without partition will for sure make your house more spacious and airy. Combo space design is also believed to bring family members close together. Especially, when you are integrating two centers room into one. 

We've prepared some inspiring images of open space rooms with combo space design ideas and styles. Take a look and adapt some ideas into your own home!

Kitchen and Living Room Combo Design 


The kitchen is said to be the heart of the house. Meanwhile, the living room is also a central room for family members to gather. Combining living rooms and kitchens means integrating two space centers in one. Therefore, getting together with family members becomes much fun. You can interact with family members or friends. When they sit back and relax, you can prepare food in the kitchen. It is also powerful to reduce the feeling of insulating compared to when cooking separately in a conventional kitchen. 

Kitchen and Laundry Room Combo 


If you want to have a kitchen separate from the living room, that doesn't matter. Instead of that, you can combine kitchen space with laundry room, and call that as a service room. The service room is quite effective to facilitate house chores. All cleaning and cooking work is done in this room. That way, other family members won't get annoyed when you turn on the washing machine or while cooking in the kitchen. This method is also quite effective to encourage you to wash your clothes immediately, after doing cooking activities. 

Kitchen and Dining Room Combo


For a minimalist house, a formal dining room surely will cost more space. Instead of that, you can have casual or informal dining room. The informal dining room shares space with the kitchen. It will save you more space. 

A spacious kitchen and dining space combo will give you more freedom in arranging and selecting the furniture. For a minimalist house, you can pick kitchenware and dining furniture from wooden materials. The wooden materials would give you some warm and cozy atmosphere. 

Living and Dining Room Combo


Living and dining room is also good for bring family member together. You can eat while watching television or chatting with other family members. So that, you won't feel lonely when eating in the dining room. The layout of living and dining room can be made in different direction. It can create a visual barrier and make that one space do not look so monotonous.

Living and Playground Combo


The combo living or dining and kid's playground in an open space design will make you enable relax whilst also keeping an eye on your kids. It's not hard to make it happen. In the design of the room without partition, just design a kid's play ground  that becomes one space with a living room. 

Indoor Garden and Dining Room Combo


This layout may be unusual, but it simply presents a new atmosphere when you're in the dining room. Enjoy your meal  with a fresh indoor garden view, will definitely make the feel of the room more pleasant. 

Hopefully those Two in One: 6 Combo Space Design Ideas and Styles are useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about combo space design ideas. 

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