7 Creative Under Stair Ideas That Won't Be Awkward

Helloshabby.com -- Yes, you can use the empty-space right under the stairs to be whatever place you need. However, have you ever seen the use of space under the stairs that seems forced and looks awkward? Yes, some people do. 

Although it sounds easy, the use of the area under the stairs cannot be done arbitrarily. Precise calculation and designs are required, apart from its use. That way, the empty-space under the stairs won't look so out-of-place or disharmony with other living space in your home

Here are, we've gathered 7 Creative Under Stair Ideas That Won't Be Awkward. You can turn under the stairs into a smart and stylish space. 

1. Build Under Stair Bookshelf


You can evaluate the gap under the stairs, and create a stylish corner. Install a built-in bookshelf like this one above. Fill it with your favorite books, magazines and photo albums. You can also store some artifacts and ornamental display to make it look so great. This bookshelf occupies the space under the stairs perfectly, so it doesn't look awkward. 

2. Breathtaking Wooden Display Shelf 


Get creative with the space under the stairs. You can make it a breathtaking minimal shelf. Uniquely, this shelf is made in puzzle design, making that awkward space under the stairs into a chic corner in the home. This display shelf is made of wood that matches the material of the stairs. So, it won't make the home so out-of-style.

3. Create a Kid Zone


Turn the open space under the stairs into a child zone. This place can be used as a children's reading zone. You can build a nook complete with floating bookshelves, a soft pad and their favorite dolls, so the kiddos will read comfortably. You can also make use of this space as a play zone and a place to store their toys. 

4.  The Dog House Under The Stairs


We have a creative idea to make the most the space underneath stairs into a smart and stylish dog house. This place can be a hiding place and a place for the dogs to sleep.  Make it like a dog house in general, by adding a dog house shape with a triangular roof. Build it carefully, including soundproofing levels, so when stepping on stairs, the dog does not always disturbed. 

5. Design Stylish Cabinetry


The easiest way to execute the space under the stairs is to make it a cabinet. Choose a cabinet design that really fits the dimension of the space. This cabinet is given an additional bevel mirror to make it seem spacious. The red color and black accents also make this cabinet a beautiful spot in home.

6. Design A Minimalist Pantry


Small space underneath the staircase, you can turn it into a minimalist pantry. In this place, you can store food, dishes and utensils. You can also make this place a place to mix wine or brew your favorite drink. The top is closed enough, so the dust will not fall under it. 

7. Create a Mini Library


Instead of putting your books in a warehouse, build a bookcase under your stairs. This bookcase can also act as an element of decoration at home. The bookcase under the stairs will also make it easier to find books, when you want to reread your favorite books. 

Hopefully, those 7 Creative Under Stair Ideas That Won't Be Awkward are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about creative under stairs ideas. Hopefully, you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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