Top 7 Types and Varieties of Zebra Plant (Aphelandra Plant)


Top 7 Types and Varieties of Zebra Plant (Aphelandra Plant) -- Have you been familiar with ornamental plants or commonly called zebra plants or Aphelandra that becomes the right choice for indoor plants? This plant has its easy, aesthetic care and thrives in a potting environment. In addition to attracting beautiful leaf foliage leaves, the distinctive color of dark green leaves with white leaf veins and some have golden flowers have some beautiful cultivar to be an option. Check out the most popular types below:

Yellow Aphelandra


This yellow Aphelandra plant belongs to the family Acanthecaea and genus Aphelandra. Plants, with attractive patterns, have clear yellow leaf bones and are very contrasting. Dominated by green color and leaf bones that are clearly yellow has easy care and beautiful patterns. You need to water it once a day, that can be planted in lowlands to highlands.

Aphelandra White Wash


The next plant is the squarrosa whitewash, which is a popular Zebra plant and friendly to pets. Have white/beige leaves with green spots and strong and wavy leaf veins. This plant is native to Brazil and actually lives in forest, whose natural environment can be acted on as climbing plants.

Thrives in brightly lit, this plant will not flower if placed in low light.

Aphelandra Green


Aphelandra Green is usually referred to as the zebra plant, which is a species of the acanthaceae family of Atlantic forest in Brazil. 

If flowering, this plant is yellow-colored, which is often used as an ornamental plant in the room. I like light indirectly. This plant will bloom, you can simply stimulate the growth of the flower with a lot of light but not directly.

Aphelandra Zebra Houseplant


Known for its large and shiny leaves, this plant has dark green leaves that vein in white or yellow. Bright flowers and color bracts make this plant look worthwhile, that grows in size from 4 to 6 inches.

Aphelandra Squarrosa Snow White


Aphelandra snow-white is a perennial and compact foliage plant with striking colors with upright nails from candles. Bright yellow flowers at the end of this summer appear shiny green with a striking white mark. This includes type of indoor plants that like indirect light. In order to keep it moist, rely on excessive watering of this plant. Give a balanced fertilizer every two weeks during spring and summer.


Aphelandra Squarrosa 'Silver Cloud'


Almost similar to snow-white, the plant remains dominant with white warrants and soft leaf bones. This beautiful plant grows about 10-25 cm tall with wide leaves and slightly wavy. The color of green leaves and the blend of silver white becomes one of the characteristics of silver cloud.

Aphelandra Squarrosa/Saffron Spike


It grows as a wide leaf green plant and becomes an ornamental plant with a dark green color of egg round to a distinctive ellipse with white stripes and striking yellow flowers. This plant prefers well-drained acid pots. High humidity and temperatures that are not below 65 degrees Fahrenheit are the most preferred of these plants. Place the pot on a bed of wet gravel in the bathroom to keep it moist.

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