Innovative Under stairs Ideas to Maximize the Space at Your Home -- What can you do under stairs? Well, many things you can do on there. Instead, being unused, it's better if you turn the space under the stairs into a more creative and useful space. Need a home for your pet? Use the space under the stairs to build a cool pet house. Need something to refresh your indoor space? Just try to create a tiny minimalist cactus indoor garden. 

In this page, you'll find 6 innovative ways to maximize the space under the stairs. These ideas are extremely enjoyable and easy to adapt even in a small or minimalist house. 

1. Cozy Reading Nook Under Stairs 


Turn the empty space under stair space into a cozy reading nook. You can begin with a costume cabinet and a comfy nook seating. Add a floating bookshelf on it, so you can easily pick and read your book. Place a soft pillow and warm throw blanket to accompany your reading time. 

2. Extra Storage 


Need more storage? Well, just make use of the space under the stairs. You can create a custom cabinet that adjusts the size and place under the stairs. For example, make it as a sliding shoe rack. You can neatly organize your shoe collection without having to feel hassled. Don't forget, make sure you put antifungals things, so that your shoes are not easily moldy when you put in darker space. 

3. A Trendy Pet House


Do you like to keep cats or other pets? If so, the space under the stairs can also be used for a pet house. In this room, you can put various needs and toys of the cat. Not only special, but this pet house will also make your house more free from the delinquency of the cat who sometimes likes to damage home furnishings. 

This space is made with polycarbonate material that has a glass-clear look. You can still see your pet's activities from the outdoors. The design is made to suit the height of the homeowner, so you have no trouble cleaning the cat's house. 

4. A Minimalist Hobby Room


Sometimes, you need time and place for your own hobby, right? Instead of being left to be a dead spot, you can change the lower room of the stairs as a space to do your hobby, for example a hobby for sewing or crafting. Here, we can put various materials and sewing/crafting equipment on a special shelf under the stairs. Adding wall decorations will make this room look more lively and not stiff. 

Stylish Mini Cactus Garden


The empty space under the staircase can be transformed into a beautiful and fresh inner court garden. You can build a fresh and stylish cactus garden. The garden is made with artistic design, blending cactus plants and garden lights made in such a way and resulting in a very beautiful cactus garden.  

An Open-plan Under stairs Kitchen 


A kitchen design with open-plan concept that blend the dining room and family room is suitable for your minimalist home. Although it looks small, but this beautiful kitchen is still able to fit some kitchen utensils. The top cabinet is customized to fit the shape of the stairs, so that the kitchen remains neat. 

The combination of blue and white makes the kitchen look bright and bright. A kitchen with a pleasant feel, will certainly make cooking at home more enjoyable. 

That's all for Innovative Under stairs Ideas to Maximize the Space. 
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