8 Easy and Stylish Christmas Centerpiece Ideas for Your Home

Helloshabby.com -- December is called as wonderful time of the years. It's the best time for love, quality time with your family and friends. And yes, December is all about Christmas. This is the perfect time to do seasonal Christmas themed decoration. Make Christmas decorations as centerpiece at home. No need for complicated decorations, you can choose easy but stylish Christmas decoration ideas for your home. You can take a look at these 9 Easy and Stylish Christmas Centerpiece Ideas for Your Home to find the best ideas that fit you.

1. A small container garden with Christmas decor


Christmas is coming. If you don't mind putting container gardens in your front yard. This beautiful decoration will welcome you with a Christmas and winter vibe when you enter the house. 

You can do simple topiary art to cut the shrubs into a conical shape that reminds us of a common Christmas tree. Beautify it with flowers, pine cones and baubles. All of these things will be dressed up for Christmas. 

2. Red and Green for Garland and Wreath


Give a clear statement for your front porch. Choose a red and green for the garlands and wreath are the best ideas. It will give you a Christmas vibe, and making your home exterior look so festive and spark with joy. 

3. Fireplace with small decorations


Winter and Christmas are great times to make use of the long-forgotten fireplace. Make a room with fireplace a place where family members gather to relax and warm up. You can beautify the fireplace shelf with tiny decorations with fairy lights to enliven the living space. 

4. Green wreath


Want to have a simple but classy Xmas decoration? You can try this lovely decorations' idea. Instead of flower wreath, artificial greenery wreath can be a good choice. If you have classy white furniture like this one above, a pop of green color will freshen up the living space.

5. Pink Christmas tree


Give a unique and beautiful touch to your home. Instead of the common green Christmas tree, you can choose an artificial Christmas tree in a pretty coral-pink color like this one. The string lights, pinky things, and baubles will make this pink Christmas tree even look more adorable.

6. Weeping fig for Christmas tree alternative


If you don't have enough space to accommodate a large Christmas tree, don't be discouraged. You can make a Christmas centerpiece simply and so beautiful, like this one. Weeping fig is used as the center of the room surrounded by Christmas ornaments, such as Santa's red socks, Christmas gifts, ribbons and so on. 

7. Red and white kitchen cabinet 


Complete your December decor with a cabinet filled with a collection of glasses, cups and bowls in red and white. Arranged nicely, so it will display a stunning contrast that's so beautiful even though it is simple. 

8. Red warm chair cover


December, winter and Christmas is a perfect time to enjoy a feast or banquet. Make it feel so Christmas by putting the seat cover in red. This chair cover will warm the cold night. The shape is also like a Santa hat which is so adorable. 

Hopefully, those 8 Easy and Stylish Christmas Centerpiece Ideas for Your Home are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about Christmas decoration ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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