7 Faux Concrete Planters That Will Give Your Garden a Modern Upgrade

Helloshabby.com -- Growing plants in pots or planters is a fun hobby. You can do your hobbies as well as decorate your garden with potted plants. To grow plants, surely, you need good planters. Many types of planters are available, but you can't miss a faux concrete planter. You can even make a concrete planter yourself. It will give an artistic view on your garden.  

Expand your concrete planter ideas and designs, by looking at ideas of 7 Faux Concrete Planters That Will Give Your Garden a Modern Upgrade.

Big and sturdy concrete planters


There are several reasons why concrete planter are suitable for garden. Concrete pots tend to be heavy, perfect for wind-affected plants. The large it is, the more suitable this planter for shrub plants and big trees, such as dragon trees. Concrete is a good insulator, so it suits the climate with severe weather changes, as it helps hold plants and soil from extreme temperatures. 

Two-tone concrete planter for indoor garden


If you are bored with the same planter model, alternatively, choose a DIY concrete planter. You can create a beautiful planter shape (DIY). You just need to prepare materials such as cement, sand and so on to make a concrete planter. Add an artistic finishing touch by painting two-tones in a random geometric pattern like this one. 

Colorful, concrete planter design


Due to a lack of outdoor space, many of us choose to make a small indoor garden. You can even make one in your table. If you pick colorful concrete planters like the picture above, you'll get a stunning indoor plant. Even though it looks solid, planter concrete easily absorbs water, so the temperature of the soil media is well-maintained. 

French vintage concrete planter 


This French vintage cast concrete planters from chateausonoma are perfect in your garden or along the dining table at your patio. It will be a great garden accent. There, you can plant fresh flowers. The cast concrete planter will add a modern upgrade to any outdoor space. 

Unique concrete bowl planter


This concrete bowl pot will give your garden uniqueness. The slender semicircle shape display a stunning minimalist impression. This concrete planter will firmly support the plant. 

Strong concrete planters


Concrete planter has strong and durable properties. You won't be replacing your  planter often. The concrete pots tend not easily damaged. Various succulents will look more beautiful by using these mostly gray concrete planters. 

Classic concrete planter with Rose Gold touch


Give your garden or any indoor space a modern upgrade with these classic gold mountain concrete planter in Rose Gold. A touch of rose gold gives the visual of a more classy indoor plant. Although it looks expensive, in fact, you can make your own-pots like this. However, for the best quality, just buy it from an expert concrete pot maker. 

Not only great for outdoor gardens, concrete planter are also great for your indoor plants. Picking a concrete planter is a great idea. This kind of pot gives a modern, sturdy and elegant impression. So, are you interested in choosing a faux concrete planter? Share your though with us!

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