7 Awesome Cinder Block Garden Ideas for Your Home

Helloshabby.com -- The cinder block is created from concrete. It has hollow rectangle-shaped structure and much lighter than concrete. The cinder block is a versatile, cheap and easy material. It is the best for construction sites or garden elements. You can make it as planter to make a rustic garden vibe that looks so unique. Don't worry, a cinder block garden will last long. Because, the materials is hardy, resistant and last for years. 

Making a cinder block garden is a fun to do. You can paint the cinder block in any color that you like. Make the cinder block as planter of your favorite plant. Then, arrange in order you like. All you have to do, just prepare cinder block to create a unique and fresh cinder block garden.

Vertical cinder block garden with lights

credit to Loop Design Studio

Cinder block is a perfect material to create a garden walls. The hollow rectangle-shaped structure allows you to place a plant and dim lights. The cinder block planter is made protruding, while the cinder block that accommodate the dim lights is laid out more flatly as a background. So, the vertical cinder block garden  look so amazing. 

Close-up view

credit to Loop Design Studio

This is a close up view of this wall garden. The cinder block planter is made to stick firmly to the cinder block wall. You can choose a living plant or just an artificial plant.  A small bulb light was installed to give the garden a highlight.

An exotic cinder block garden wall

credit to woodnote photography

Need something to add privacy in the backyard garden, but with elegant look? You can try to create a cinder block garden wall. The cinder block garden wall will act as backyard fence as well as the thing that make your yard look so fresh. Paint the cinder block in black to make it looks so exotic as highlight in outdoor space.

Cinder block garden at the corner of the yard

credit to mommastegra12

Don't let the corner of the courtyard look so empty. Fill it with a creative cinder block garden. You can stamp the cinder block is Mandala pattern to make it look more beautiful. The gray ash and deep blue pattern look so stand out in the yard. Plant the seed on the hollow part and let them grow.

Let it grow, let it bloom

credit to mommastegra12

No need to worry. The greenery that you plant on cinder blocks planter will still grow with regular maintenance and watering. When the flower bloom, your cinder block garden will look so beautiful than ever. 

Simple but creative cinder block bar and garden 

via: organicfarmergirl

Using the cinder blocks as a garden element is a right thing to do. The cinder block is resistant to weather changes. You can make it as a bar table. On the table mat, you can place the fresh juices and fresh fruits to enjoy the summer air. In the same place, there are cinder block planters with beautiful flowers and plants. Those things will complete the look of this mini bar and garden. 

Cinder block vegetable garden

via: organicfarmergirl

Grow your edible plant in your yard. You can plant the vegetable in a row. Make use of the cinder block as garden border. The hollow part of the cinder block is also used as a place to plant some flowers in yellow and red. The flowers are arranged in crossed arrangement, so the vegetable garden look more pretty.

Creative yard succulent block garden

credit to thegardeningsoul

Want to grow the succulent plants outdoor? Then, all you need is cinder blocks planter. You can arrange the cinder blocks in level arrangement. That way, every succulent will highlighted. When the succulent grow well, the garden will be more lush and adorable at the same time.

Hopefully those 7 Awesome Cinder Block Garden Ideas for Your Home is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about garden ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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