7 Awesome Kids Bedroom Design Ideas and Pictures

Helloshabby.com -- As a parent, you want to give your best for your child. You can do by giving a child's bedroom that is not only comfortable, but also looks cool. They deserve that. An awesome-bedroom will provide a more enjoyable in-room experience, even for children. Thus, children will not be afraid to sleep alone in their cool bedroom. 

Fortunately, there are so many ideas you can try to adapt to your child's bedroom. Get inspired by these 7 Awesome Kids Bedroom Design Ideas and Pictures

Fun walls and ceiling design

Let the child's imagination come up with a cool bedroom design. This bedroom is like a blue sky with white clouds around it. Cloud design looks great on the walls and ceiling designs. Oh. . . Don't forget the little sun and rainbow accents on the walls too. All the sky elements have hidden lights underneath that make the room look so luxury.   

Low bed platform design with fun decor

You don't have to worry about your little one falling out of bed anymore. Use a low bed design to overcome this. Make the bed like a small stage for your little one. Here, he can rest and play on another flat area. The bedroom look more fun, thanks to bedroom decorations that children look around it. Let's say, hot air balloons to aircraft decorations on the ceiling. 

Smart storage

Children's bedroom need good storage. Use a storage design that fits the square footage. For example, this comfy bedroom. It has storage in multiple design. First, on the bed platform, there are 4 small underneath cabinets for additional storage, you can also tuck in small items on the mini stairs. Second, there is also an open shelf model to hang their clothes and school supplies. And don't forget, the artificial tree decorations, if they are strong enough, the tree can be used to hang school bag. 

Lovely bedroom design with homework station

This bedroom is so lovely with soft and soothing color tones. Fun accents are added to the headboard in the form of silhouettes of cartoon character heads and bright, fresh wallpapers. This bedroom is also equipped with features that children need, such as a study table set complete with chairs. The room can also be a place for them to study and do homework in a focused manner.

Sleek Furniture Design

It's okay to design a child's bedroom in a minimal concept. It works well with smaller rooms. You can also pick pieces of furniture in sleek design. Sleek furniture design will make you easy to rearrange the bedroom layout. Add meaningful decor to make it more stunning. For example, an accent wall in 3-tones color. 

Create a stunning centerpiece

A child's bedroom, whether small or large, requires a centerpiece. A centerpiece will help to set the theme of the room. In your child's bedroom, you can make it in the form of an accent wall, with pictures of the child's favorite character. Make it more elegant with wooden planks on the wall arranged like this. This will make the room more attractive. 

Simple bunk beds design

Children tend to like a sharing bedroom. You can make it more efficient by providing a bunk bed for the two brothers or sisters. It helps to create a strong bonding. No need to be complicated, you can use a minimalist bunk bed design like this. This bunk bed also has a slim cabinet on the sides. 

Hopefully, those 7 Awesome Kids Bedroom Design Ideas and Pictures are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about kids bedroom ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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