Small House Design Ideas with Simple and Cozy Interior Design (31.5 sqm) --  Almost all countries experienced an increase in land and building prices. Thus, this makes small, tiny or simple minimalist home designs become so popular. Not only building designs that are easy to build, small house designs also tend to be more cost-effective for construction. It makes us able to have our own-home, even though the size is small. 

Here, we try to give a simple house design in the size of 31.5 sqm. Who knows, this home design from MB Design House บริการรับเขียน 3D is useful for you. For more details, here are Small House Design Ideas with Simple and Cozy Interior Design (31.5 sqm).

Small house facade design with Muji-style look

MB Design House บริการรับเขียน 3D 

It's not a big deal, if the house to be built is small. Make the most of your home's facade design. You can try home design with Muji-style like this. The all-white nuance with bright wood accents gives a warm and welcoming impression. The terrace area has curved walls that add to the visual beauty of the facade of this modern house. 

Elegant exterior features

Construction area 31.5 sqm. Apart from being a residence, you can make it a garden house or a small resort. This small house has enough windows that give natural lighting into the house. Window models also vary, providing visual dynamism to the exterior of the house. You can also see wooden ventilation, which will improve air circulation in the house. That way, this 31.5 sqm house will not feel cramped and stuffy. 

A porch to relax

This house has a terrace for relaxing. It already looks beautiful with the curved walls on it. The arch is equipped with a permanent bench underneath. You don't need to add a bench or a chair anymore. 

House back view

MB Design House บริการรับเขียน 3D 

The design of a house should be optimal from the front to the back of the house. You can complement the back area of the house with a minimalist terrace like this. The back door and all the door and window in this house use solid wood material. 

House interior design in 31 sqm

This 31.5 sqm house consist of 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and a kitchen that is integrated into the living room. The position of the living room into one area with kitchen and dining room for space efficiency. The house paint in smokey white, both inside and outside. Make the house look bright and spacious. 

Integrated living room design

Small square footage make you have to design one living space in open-plan design. You can integrate the living room with a kitchen area without a partition wall. Choose a furniture design in a sleek minimalist model, so it doesn't take up space. The interior is in matching color tones to create stunning visual harmony. 

Master bedroom design

A bedroom with many windows provide natural light and optimal air circulation. The bedroom will always be bright and fresh. The all-white bedroom color scheme gives the impression of a space that feels clean, spacious and airy. You can add decorative elements, so that the room does not look stiff and monotonous. 

Simple and cozy interior design

MB Design House บริการรับเขียน 3D 

This house is suitable for young couples. Alternatively, it can be a property investment in low-budget. Each room is arranged in a minimalist arrangement. It makes the house look simple and flexible. The white and natural brown color easily gives the effect of a room that feel and look so cozy. 

Hopefully, those Small House Design Ideas with Simple and Cozy Interior Design (31.5 sqm) are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small house design. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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