The Best Tricks to Optimize a Small Bedroom -- Wondering, how to keep your small bedroom from looking stuffy, gloomy and unremarkable? We offer some tricks and ideas that can make a small bedroom more comfortable, feel airy and look awesome. For you, here are The Best Tricks to Optimize a Small Bedroom.

Windows and bright colors


A small bedroom would be better with a window. The window is access for air circulation and natural light, which makes the bedroom bright and fresh. In addition, in an all-white room, choose bedsheet in a bright colors to make the room look so fresh and great. 

Skylight option

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If you don't have the possibility to install a window, you can choose the option to install a skylight. A small transparent roof will be a source of lighting during the day, so you don't have to turn on the electric lamp. A skylight roof installation is a great idea for the loft or attic bedroom design

Divide the zone

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Living in a small studio apartment, require you to think more creative. If you want to have a more space for sleeping and studying, just create a boundary between the two area. You can use the bookshelf as a divider. Make the bookshelf high enough, so you are not tempted to sleep on the bed while studying. 

Use sleek furniture

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The bedroom will feel cramped and claustrophobic with so much large furniture or small furniture but a lot of them. Just choose the furniture you really need. Use a sleek furniture design to give you space to  move and walk around in a small bedroom. 

Underbed storage

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Overcome the lack of the storage by choosing a bed design that equipped with an under bed cabinet on it. You don't need to be confused anymore, putting things in your small bedroom. The more under bed cabinets, the more items you can store. The bedroom is also neater without items scattered around the bedroom space. 

Mirror, mirror in the wardrobe

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Mirrors are very helpful in small bedrooms. Mirrors will give the illusion of a wider and more spacious room. You can arrange it, so your wardrobe equipped with a mirror on each door surface. You can be satisfied look yourself in the mirror and you'll also get a bedroom that looks so trendy and airy. 

Hopefully, those The Best Tricks to Optimize a Small Bedroom are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small bedroom tricks and tips. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream bedroom. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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