Best Loft Design for a Next Luxury Interior -- The design of a house or a room with a loft is actually intended to save space. But somehow, the compact and neat arrangement makes the loft into a functional interior that gives the impression of luxury and modernity. Loft designs are also easy to apply for small residential owners. Interested? You can take a look at these 6 best loft design for a next luxury interior.

Loft studio apartment design

Loft designs like this may often be found in studio apartment designs. Where the loft floor is used as a bed. The bottom is for a lounge with a couch and TV on it. Loft is made open with railing without cover. The stairs as access also look so cozy with wood material and warm lights underneath. 

Spiral staircase accessing the loft

Designing a loft or mezzanine in a space, surely, you need stairs. Make the interior look more luxurious by choosing a spiral staircase instead of a regular staircase. Spiral stairs can save space and feature a beautiful design of their elegant curved shape. 

Cool loft at home

Loft floor designs are often made open. However, if you feel the need for privacy, the loft area can be used as a bedroom with a door on it. Use the sliding door model to save space in a limited loft area. In the loft and its surroundings, you can apply an industrial style with exposed cement and solid wood to make it cool. 

Luxury loft apartment design

Without many words, luxury is the perfect word for this loft apartment design. The first floor becomes the living area, kitchen, and toilet & bath. In dark wood shades that give a warm and cozy impression. The loft as a bed complete with furniture in it. The all-white nuance makes this loft look clean and spacious. 

Industrial-style loft

Luckily, a loft can be added to a small space. Just make sure, the room has a high ceiling. You can make it like this. With a 'classic' loft style full of industrial nuances, in the form of exposed cement, iron frames and others. Loft designs like this are so cool and gives off a unique luxury vibe. 

The combination of white and warm wood

White and wood color is a stylish combination for a loft design. A classic combination that gives a cozy atmosphere to your residence. 

Hopefully, those 6 Best Loft Design for a Next Luxury Interior are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about loft interior design and ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family!

Author      : Yeni
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