Significance of Snake Plant Vastu Direction and Other Alternatives Houseplants -- Plants play an important role in the home or workplace. They help to keep the air clean and free of toxins and pollutants. it allows us to breathe healthier air. 

Plants also have a special significance in Vastu Shastra. Some Vastu plants are thought to bring good luck, prosperity, and happiness. Snake plants or sansevieria is one of the Vastu plants that invites wealth and health to your house,

Let's learn about snake plant vastu direction to get the most of out your snake plants at home.  

Snake Plant Vastu Advantages


Snake plants are excellent air purifier plants. According to NASA, this plant can remove four major toxins from the air that can make you sick. In Vastu, the snake plant also invites positive energy, this upright plant provide a clean flow of oxygen into the house and reduce stress for the occupants. 

Vastu Direction


Vastu direction helps you get all the good benefits of the snake plants. You can place it in the house's eastern, southern, and south-eastern corners. The plant will invite more fortune in your home. 

Snake Plants in the Bedroom


As per the Vastu, putting a snake plant in the bedroom is a good idea. This plant can work as a bedroom plant which helps provide clean air while sleeping and promotes better sleep quality and reduces stress. 

Snake Plant Bad Effect


In Vastu Shastra, the snake plant has no negative effect, which is why it is known as a lucky plant. Having it at home is advantageous. If you are concerned that your children will be pricked by the leaves, you can keep the plant out of their reach. 

Best Houseplant Alternatives


Besides the snake plant, there are lucky plants according to Vastu Shastra. You may have:
  • Money plant or Jade plant at home. This heart-shaped leafy plant can attract wealth and reduce stress aura in the home. 
  • Peace lily is a lovely indoor plant with excellent air purifying ability. According to Vastu experts, placing this plant near the bedroom or bathroom window will bring calm, peace, and good luck. 

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