Best Bedroom Plants to Help In Purifying The Air and Improve Your Sleep -- Plants are the best. It's the best to  make a room prettier, healthier and fresher. In fact, there are some best plants, which are good for your sleeping buddy. The plants can help in purifying the air while you sleep, so it will help you sleep better. Don't worry, these plants will not release enough carbon dioxide to be harmful for you. So, growing houseplants in bedroom is safe.  

So, here it is Best Bedroom Plants to Help In Purifying The Air and Improve Your Sleep!

Snake plant (Sanseviera trifasciata)


Snake plants help in purifying the air. It's one of the few plants that can convert carbon dioxide into oxygen at night. This quality make snake plant as best bedroom plants for keeping the clean airflow, even while you sleep. It also can grow well in low light and very easy to take care.

Golden Pothos


Golden pothos is a heart-leafed plant that quite effectively purify the air, based on NASA research. It can purify the air from various harmful toxins produced from wall paint, wood paint, and others. In addition, the rest of the mosquito repellent spray, room fragrance and electronic equipment, can also be absorbed by this beautiful vine. 

Parlor palm


The parlor palm is an indoor plant that grows very slowly and thrives in low light. Growing an indoor palm is quite idea to be placed on the bedroom. Because, the parlor palm may suffer in direct sunlight. This plant has been shown to eliminate indoor air pollutants. 

Aloe vera


Aloe vera can help fight insomnia and improve sleep quality. Why would that be? Aloe vera can release oxygen at night, when you place it in the bedroom space. Moreover, this plant can help to eliminate chemicals that pollute the air in your room.

Peace Lily


Some people say that peace lily is the best plant for buddy sleep. Well, the argument is quite correct. Because, the plant can filter five harmful toxins in the air, namely benzene, formalin, trichlorethylene, and ammonia. So, the air in the bedroom will always be healthy and fresh. Peace lily can beautify your room and it's very easy to maintain. 

Those are some of the best plant that are suitable to be put in the bedroom. It helps to purify the air and improve your sleep. So, what's a kind of plant that you have in your bedroom? Tell us on our Facebook fan page, Home Design Picture.

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