Simple Tricks for Designing a Minimalist TV Room at Home --  Nowadays, many people tend to place TV in their room. This idea is not wrong, but presenting a TV room at home is important. A TV room can be a fun home entertainment option. A TV room can be a special place for family member to enjoy favorite TV program together. Relaxing while watching favorite TV program is also believed could bring family member close together. 

When designing a TV room, you don't need complicated decorations and expensive TV set. Just a standard TV set and minimalist furniture around it, you can get the best spot to gather and watching TV on weekend. If you need some ideas to make a TV room for family, keep reading for Simple Tricks for Designing a Minimalist TV Room at Home

Adjust the TV size to the size of the space

When deciding to create a family TV room, make sure the size of the TV you choose matches the dimensions of the room. For small rooms, a 32-inch TV can be placed. Be sure to place the TV that fits the size of the room, do not put the TV in the corner of the room. You better put the TV in the middle of the room, so it can be seen together. 

Create a soft and elegant TV shelf

This room is quite small, but it has a nice view. Thanks to simple yet elegant floating shelf as TV place. The wall is painted in blush pink and combined with white color. The floating shelf in addition to putting things in order, also used as a place to put and hold the TV. 

TV wall mounted idea

You could mount the television on the wall. In this room, the space to mount the TV is paint in white, so it creates a visually aesthetic TV place. Just make sure you install the TV set firmly, so that the TV doesn't fall. 

Precise the height of TV placement 

The visibility between the TV and the sitting room greatly affects comfort when watching TV. You have to watch TV with a safe distance, for example a 20-inch TV a safe distance to watch at least 1.8 - 2.54 meters. You also should know looking up at the TV with your head titled up causes eyestrain. It's better if you're looking straight on at the TV or having the TV below your eye level. These ideas will produce less eyestrain. 

Maximize the vertical space 

Make a visual statement by adding the wallpaper in the place where your TV mounted. Below the TV, you can place a cabinet to store some items and display your decorations. Make the most of vertical space, by installing a floating shelf to display room decorations on it.  

Leave the Sofa Behind 

You can save some budget by replacing the sofa with a comfy rug. You can adapt this TV room in shades of blue at your home. If so, of course you have to buy a blue comfy rug, and place it in front of the TV cabinet. All the blue things make this minimalist TV room look so bright. 

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