10+ Green Color Home Decor: Creating a Relaxing Living Space at Home

Helloshabby.com -- The green color is probably the least used color in a home, compared to white or other neutral colors. But beyond that, the green color can always bring a freshness in the living space. It also becomes most relaxing color that could give people some peace of mind, due to the green color is close to nature's hue. So, it's no wonder that it's a favorite choice in interior design. 

Well, this time we would like to show you the design and decoration of a minimalist house in fresh green color. The homeowner able to turn every corner of the house becomes cozy spaces. By the proper arrangement, this house still spacious enough. We wish the review below can be an inspiration to decorate yours. Check out the full review below!

The green paint is a must 

If you are into the green home decor, then it's a good idea to paint the wall in green. There are many shade of green that you can choose. If you don't like a vibrant and bold shade, we suggest you to choose a mint-green color that has a soft and calm tone. This green color is very suitable combined with white color on the walls, ceiling or other room decorations. 

Dramatic corner lights 

Do not be careless when choosing the additional light for the living room. Consider what impression you want to present at night, when you have to turn on the lights. A lighting is the easiest home decor that visually good and functional. You can pick a corner standing lamp that has dramatic light effect and bring warm and cozy feel at the same time. 

Green and Rustic Wall 

For the bedroom, you can choose a green bedding with white tassel. Liven up the bedroom by creating a rustic-style wall. The earthy color on the wall work well within the green bedding. Both combinations make the room look so fresh and homey. 

Artificial greenery for the bathroom 

The owner still uses the bathroom design with squat toilet, with consideration of habit and comfortableness. The combination with the shower keeps the bathroom looking modern. In addition to stacking shelves to put things, add greenery to add freshness in the bathroom. It doesn't matter if you choose artificial plants.  

A galley kitchen 

The kitchen is small and designed with a galley model. The distance of the galley adjusts the posture of the homeowner, so that it is easy when moving in the kitchen. 

Minimalist Kitchen Furniture

The kitchen furniture was chosen with a small and minimalist design. In this kitchen is also installed cooker hood to absorb smoke and smell of cuisine, so as not to make the kitchen become stuffy. The kitchen wall or backsplash is decorated with glossy-looking plaid ceramic motifs. 

Dining room with a small skylight 

For kitchen or dining areas that do not have windows, it is a good idea to install a skylight or transparent roof. The skylight will later brighten up and warm up the kitchen space, so that the kitchen remains dry and anti-damp. 

Tropical Cutlery 

This plate is really green and cute, isn't it? This cute plates is perfec for a home with a dominant shade of green. Beautiful plates will certainly make eating more enthusiastic. 

A Simple and Comfortable TV Room Design 

To keep the minimalist house from making you feel claustrophobic, you can eliminate the sofa and replace it with a warm, wide rug. This rug can be a seat meat, while keeping the open-plan room look spacious. Place a bean bug, so you can sit back casually when you see your favorite TV program. 

Kid's bedroom design 

If your kid don't really like to put a green thing in their room, don't force them! Present a bedroom that suits their character. The choice of gray and white colors is perfect for boys' rooms. Choose a vinyl flooring to make the bedroom warmer. 

An outdoor refreshment 

Create a green open space in your house. Present a mini fountain pool to create  cool and fresh atmosphere. Combined with various types of plants, this mini fountain pond will present a soothing natural freshness. Instead of using organic grass, green grass carpets are chosen for practicality and convenience in terms of the care of this minimalist terrace garden. 

Hopefully those ideas are useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about green color home decor . We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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