6 Cool Adult Bunk Bed Ideas to Help Maximize a Small Room

Helloshabby.com -- Bunk bed is not only suitable for children or as a shared kid's bedroom with their brother or sister. The good news is that bunk bed is suitable to be used by adult. Designing a bedroom with bunk bed is perfect choice for a small space. It will help you maximize your space. You can get a more space to do some in-room activities, such as studying and relaxing. Within your creativity and proper arrangements, surely an adult bedroom with bunk bed will feels comfortable and look good even though in a small space. 

If you need some inspiring ideas to create a comfy adult bunk bed, keep reading for 6 cool adult bunk bed ideas to help maximize a small room.

The black and sturdy bunk bed ideas

We've heard your concerns about using bunk beds. Yes, the risk of falling and bunk bed collapsed. But all those concern can at least be solved by choosing a sturdy bunk bed design. Other than a strong solid wood, you can choose a bunk bed made of sturdy iron/metal. Pick a black finishing for the bunk bed frame. The black one will make your small bedroom look mysterious, powerful and exotic. 

Create a working station under the bed 

In the current situation, most of us probably have to work from home. That's why, we need additional space to create a workspace. The idea of creating an additional workspace is very easy to do, when you have a small room with a bunk bed. Under the top bunk bed, you can turn an empty space into a multifunctional workspace. Decorate the working space perfectly by placing some houseplants, stationary and a gorgeous graphic frame. 

A stylish bunk bed idea

Want to have a stylish bedroom with bunk bed inside? Well, you can bring the Scandinavian style to your bedroom. The floor and some pieces of furniture frame are using wooden materials. Meanwhile, the bunk bed design have white finishing, that perfectly complements the look of this room. 

The bunk bed ladder is also equipped with a display rack. You can keep your items in this rack. Overall, this bedroom looks stylish, clean and multifunctional, thanks to its Scandinavian style. 

Make a personal space under the top bunk bed

Having a small room, sometimes make it frustrates us because we can't put a lot of needed stuff in the room. A bedroom with only the bed will certainly make us bored in the room. But, by creating am bunk bed design, you can have a more personal space even in limited space. The space under the top bunk bed can be made as a personal room or a reading room. Just put the comfy couch, a wooden table and some display shelf to make it come true. 

Cool bunk bed idea with bright blue shades

Color your life by choosing bright blue shades in your small bedroom. The combination of white and bright blue things will make the bunk bed design have a clean look. 

The space under the top bunk bed is used as a lounge. Just place a couch with blue cushion and a TV set. Before the night comes, you can watch your favorite TV show in this space. Then, if you are sleepy enough, just go up to the stairs and sleep in the top bunk bed. 

An elegant bunk bed design

Make the bunk bed more appealing by designing it in elegant style. If you choose a bunk bed in white look, then consider picking a golden bed railing. Pick black, pink and white that are perfectly applied to some room furniture. Place a large rug in stripe pattern that will make your room feels warmer than before. 

Yes, a bunk bed is suitable for adult and kid. It's the best choice if you want to maximize the space in a small room. You can decorate the bunk bed with your preference style. Just make sure to choose a strong and sturdy bunk bed frame for safety reason. 

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