6 Gorgeous Ways to Combine Living Room and Dining Hall

Helloshabby.com -- There are several conditions that require you to combine living room and dining hall. Let's say, too big a room is certainly good to use for living and dining room. So, the big room will be more useful and look not too empty and wasted. For the homeowner of small or minimalist houses, combining living and dining hall can be a solution to get more functional space even in a limited space. 

Integrate the living and dining hall in your home in style and easy ways. Here are 6 gorgeous pictures of combining living and dining hall ideas for your inspiration. 

Chic Living and Dining Hall Design 


Furniture in the living and dining areas can be picked different from each other. As well as the placement of each furniture, it is better putting it in a distance that is not too close between each other. Although using different forms of furniture, but the living and dining room is blended finely in navy blue walls. The blue wall makes the transition between the two spaces feel smooth, in blink of eyes you will reach the cozy living room form the dining hall. 

Nonadjacent distance 


If possible, provide sufficient distance between the living and dining space. That way, the room will still feel spacious and airy. You can choose a set dining table with a sleek design so that your room doesn't seem heavy and full. You can make a woven rug as a visual barrier between the two room. 

Set in harmony 


You can match the living room and dining room furniture. The match furniture doesn't mean you pick the exact same furniture design between the two. You can mix and match only for the color of the furniture. For example, the room above. The living and dining areas are seen in harmony in shades of beige and monochrome furniture. 

Divide the room with a rug and plant


The use of partitions such as wall or high display shelves can make the room seem narrow. If you want to combine the living room and dining hall, at least use a carpet or rug in one of the room, for example in the living room area.

Other than that, you can pick a minimalist open shelf to put the greenery in the room. The rug and plant are useful to differentiate between the two spaces, despite the fact that these two rooms are in one space. 

Simple and Minimalist Design  


The design of the living room blends with the minimalist dining room is quite simple. The decorations used rely on greenery and rustic decorations. The decorations are set up in several spots to enliven the room.  Furniture used such as sofas, dining tables, and also has a minimalist shape, that make the room seems wider and spacious.

Integrate living and dining hall with blue and white things


The splash of blue and white has made this space look so nice-looking. Both of the spaces have a chic style, which will make you no mind designing the living and dining rooms in the same place. Moreover, this room has vinyl flooring that makes the room feel warmer and cozy. 

Hopefully those 6 Gorgeous Ways to Combine Living Room and Dining Hall are useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about picture of homes combining dining hall and living room. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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