7 Timeless and Stylish Kitchens with Concrete Countertops

Helloshabby.com -- Want to have something memorable and unusual in the cooking space? One way to do, you can present a concrete countertop in the kitchen. Concrete countertops have a unique and attractive look with its gray color on top. The natural gray mix perfectly with other materials, from wood to siltstone. The presence of concrete countertop makes the kitchen atmosphere artsy and better than before. 

Concrete is a unique and durable material. A concrete countertop is perfect for any kind of kitchen. In addition to its attractive appearance, this type of concrete countertop is also very cost-effective. Interested in applying it to your kitchen? Check out some of the following designs that can inspire your next kitchen update. 

An outdoor kitchen with concrete countertops 


When designing an outdoor kitchen, make sure you choose floor materials, kitchen walls to countertop material, which are strong, durable and resistant to weather changes. The perfect choice is to choose a concrete countertop. In addition to being strong and durable, concrete countertop is easy to clean and maintain. The concrete thing is surely bringing a sense of earthiness that suit with an outdoor atmosphere. 

An Industrial Kitchen with Concrete Countertop 


Although concrete countertop is perfect for any kind of kitchen, but the best application is for an industrial kitchen design. Exposed concrete in unfinished style is the characteristic of industrial design. Industrial touches are felt through the exposed cement kitchen wall and concrete countertops. The countertop is simply coated with gloss finishing, to protect it from heat, water and stains. 

Another Outdoor Kitchen with Concrete Countertop


Concrete countertops will be very good applied to the open or outdoor kitchen. The sun-rich outdoor kitchen will provide good lighting on the concrete countertops, make the atmosphere look bright and more exotic. The kitchen above have simple and charming design, that will surely give visual attraction in the residence. 

The Combination of Concrete and Wood Elements


The concrete countertop look amazing in a modern or minimalist home. It looks work well with other materials, for example the wood element. You can combine the concrete countertop with wooden cabinet. Use ceramics in mosaic pattern on the backsplash kitchen to give more modern impression. 

Tradition Kitchen with Concrete Countertops 


The concrete countertops also still look good for traditional kitchens. This gray countertops will look beautiful alongside a variety of traditional kitchen furniture. You can hang the kitchen utensils on the wooden walls to make the most of the space. 

Unique Concrete Kitchen


This kitchen comes with concrete countertops and exposed walls, so the kitchen looks artsy and characterful. The presence of wooden elements on the cabinet door, kitchen door and floating shelf add a fresher natural vibe. You can add fresh greenery to make the kitchen look more dynamic. 

Kitchen with Concrete Countertop Facing the Garden 


The kitchen design above can be tried if you want a maximum open kitchen vibe. The kitchen table uses strong and sturdy exposed concrete. You can make the cooking area overlook the back garden of the house, so that cooking feels more pleasant. 

Hopefully those 7 Timeless and Stylish Kitchens with Concrete Countertops are useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about concrete kitchen ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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