Pink Interior Design Ideas That Looks So Adorable -- Pink represent love, kindness, femininity and tenderness. It also makes the room look sweet, cute and charming. If you are such a pink lover, then maybe this pink interior design ideas can be one of  your inspirations to create more pink rooms that look sweet and adorable. 

We would like to present a full house pink design from the living room to the bathroom. The pink things in this house is pretty well laid out. Even some pink decorations seem affordable, but it can enliven the space. 

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Pink and Hello Kitty Things

The interior design of this house carries a pink theme and a Hello Kitty theme. On this minimalist living room design,  the pink and Hello Kitty characters are applied to walls, sofas and snack containers. The floor is left with a plain white ceramic as a neutralizer of the look so as not to monotonous pink. 

A Bedroom Full of Hello Kitty Things

Interior design is about preference. For someone who want to have vibrant bedroom and addict on Hello Kitty things, maybe they will like this bedroom design. The room owner chooses the room furniture in pink. This pink furniture also has crowded patterns with Hello kitty characters.  These ideas will make the room look so lively and vibrant. 

TV Room Design 

Similar to the previous room design, the owner chooses the room furniture in pink with Hello Kitty pictures. The plain wall and minimalist cabinets is covered with Hello Kitty wallpapers as to make the TV room have a match look with other pink room. 

Display The Hello Kitty Collections 

As a Hello Kitty lover, surely the homeowner want to display the Hello Kitty collection. These cute things is well-arranged on some display cabinets. 

Sweet Bathroom Design

Keep the gloomy impression of the bathroom by designing a pink bathroom. Pink wall ceramics are made high, following the dimensions of space. Meanwhile, the tiled floor is chosen in white as a counterbalance so as not to make the bathroom looks monotonous. Bathroom furniture using Hello Kitty accents make this bathroom even more adorable. 

Pink Dining Room Design 

For the dining room, the owner choose a shabby chic look. Shabby chic's characteristic using furniture and soft furnishing that soft and memorable "shabby". Chairs and dining table are selected from wooden material with white and pink finishing, that look sweet. Some walls are made in a worn style and embellished with adorable floral decorations. 

Design is about the preference. If you like those pink interior design style, you can adapt some ideas to your home. Hopefully this article is useful for those of you design inspiration and house plans. Hopefully you will be easier in making a dream home comes true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family

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