The 6 Best Kitchen Layout for Small Kitchen -- A clever layout will make the small and cramped kitchen become more spacious. A clever layout is also making cooking activity become easier and practical. Some people said that only a certain layout is perfect for small kitchen. But, we've found some small kitchen design with different kitchen layout that still look cozy and spacious enough. So, if you're struggling to renovate the small kitchen, why not start from choosing the best kitchen layout that fit with your kitchen. Need more inspirations? Keep scrolling to find The 6 Best Kitchen Layout for Small Kitchen.

1. The Minimalist Island Kitchen 


Add a kitchen island will make working in the kitchen much more efficient. You can use it as an additional prep-table. Island  also can be used as main social space in the kitchen, such as a table to chit-chat while having breakfast together. 

Make sure the space between the kitchen countertop and island more than 41 inches to provide enough space for movement. You can place pendant lights above the island to brighten and beautify the minimalist island kitchen. 

2. The Peninsula Kitchen


Peninsula kitchen or G-shaped kitchen is the kitchen layout constantly places cabinets and fixtures along three adjacent walls and end with a bar counter extension. The bar counter can be used to divide the kitchen from an open living room. It also can be used as breakfast or snack counter, making you possible to chatting while cooking with other family member. 

The U-shaped Kitchen 


The U-shaped kitchen called as the most versatile layout for any kitchen size. The U-shaped kitchen surrounded the user with three top counter cabinets. So, it  allows you to have longer countertops, extra storage cabinets and perfect to divide the kitchen space with open living room. 

The One Wall Kitchen 


Yes, this type of kitchen layout, usually found in smaller kitchen. It is simple and very suitable for those of you who want to have practical kitchen layout. Even though, it looks simple, but one wall kitchen layout provide space efficient without giving up on functionality. 

The Galley Kitchens


The galley kitchen is maybe a great space-savers layout. But, it is only best for one-cook kitchen. Make sure you have enough space for appliance doors to open. Use light colors such as natural wood and white color to visually expand the small kitchen space.  

The L-shaped Kitchen 


L-shaped kitchen is quite popular. The layout is the best for those of you who design a kitchen in the corner of the house. The L-shaped kitchen furniture will occupy the corner space perfectly. This layout still leave some space in the center of the kitchen, so the small kitchen looks more spacious and airy. 

Hopefully those The 6 Best Kitchen Layout for Small Kitchen is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about small kitchen layout ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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