A Full House Design with a Mini Café Inside

Helloshabby.com -- Home isn't just a place to go home. More than that. The house can also be used as a place to generate ideas. You can also make the house as the best place to spend the weekend together. Just make one or two spaces that is special for family entertainment. Let's say, for the indoor, creating a TV room or karaoke room is a good idea. But, if you want a more fresh and relaxing entertainment space, you can make a mini café in the home. Building a mini café in the home is not that hard. Turn the open yard into a café with seating place to enjoy a cup of your favorite coffee. 

If you need some inspirations about how to make a family friendly house with café on it, keep reading for A Full House Design with a Mini Café Inside. Psst . . . You'll get the house plan in the last picture. 

The Exterior Design

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Let's start from the facade of the house. A simple but fresh exterior design will keep you happy. Just make sure, you plant some greenery in the front yard. The more lush your plants, the better. 

For the fencing, if you think your area is safe enough. It is okay to install a small fence in front of the house. Short fences tend to be more practical and still allow the shape of house buildings to be visible from the outside. 

Additional roof on top of carport 

For the carport area, homeowners add additional roofing combinations of tempered glass and wood materials. This roof serves to protect the car from exposure to sunlight and raindrops. The design is also attractive to add the impression of an elegant and sturdy home. 

Simple but Creative Living Room

credit to indanarfab

The living room is the room that you will find first, when entering the house. You will be greeted with an L-shaped sofa, minimalist table and beautiful patterned carpets. The look of the living room is also more attractive with some creatively painted walls with abstract patterns, a combination of black and white paint colors. 

Simple but Stylish Bedroom Design 

Making a cool bedroom doesn't always require great money and effort. Think carefully and choose creations that you might apply. For example, a bedroom with patterned bedsheet or attach a wisdom word sticker to the wall. That way, your room will look more stylish and characterful. 

Outdoor Kitchen Design 

credit to indanarfab

When designing the kitchen design, you should consider the needs of you and your family member. If they like a relaxing kitchen that has a fresh air circulation and a lot of light access, then outdoor kitchen design is perfect for your family. 

When creating an outdoor kitchen, just one wall kitchen layout is enough. Install a wooden partition as divider, it can be used as a place to hang some decorations to kitchen appliances. Don't forget to install a polycarbonate roof that will protect you from rain and excessive sunlight. 

Mini Breakfast Table 

It is the best to design an outdoor kitchen next to the garden. The fresh air and fresh scenery from the garden will make kitchen more enjoyable. You can also place a mini breakfast table with stool in front of the kitchen. The mini breakfast table is very perfect place to enjoy the freshly cooked cuisine accompanied by a fresh garden atmosphere. 

Overall view of the space

credit to indanarfab

The homeowner makes the most of this outdoor space. In the same place, there are a kitchen, a mini breakfast table, a mini café to a garden. The key to make it comes true is try not to place excessive furniture or decorations on the space. So, one space for more and more functional room can be placed at the same area. 

A Mini Café Design 

Most peoples now loved to hang out on the café. You can make ones at your home. That way, you don't need to go out from the house to enjoy the café vibe. Decorate the space with à la café decor, for example word sticker, hanging potted plants, and a pendant lamp. Place some furniture à la café such as wooden chairs and table. For the entertainment purpose, put your musical instrument like guitar and audio set on it. 

The House Plan 

credit to indanarfab

This friendly-family home with a cafe inside can be realized in a small space. The warung kopi means a mini cafe inside the house. The house have 3 bedrooms for the parents and two kids. 

 Hopefully those A Full House Design with a Mini Café Inside  is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about minimalist home design. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.


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