How to Create A Mini Garden On Budget: 5 Steps (With Pictures) -- No matter how small it is, a house with a garden is better. A garden can be used as a place to relaxing or make the empty spot look better than before. A garden is also good to make the house won't feel so dry and arid. It will create a fresh atmosphere to the house, no matter how small the garden is. 

Some people think creating a garden will require a lot of money. Well, it depends on what kind of garden design you want to present. If you want to have a small and on budget garden, maybe this kind of garden is perfect for you. It won't cost much. It is also simple and practical to apply in a small or minimalist house. 

For the detail, keep reading for How to Create A Mini Garden On Budget: 5 steps (With Pictures).

Take a look at the overall garden design

credit to rumahsmd

A simple and dry garden design is perfect for those of you who want a garden that easy to realize and easy to maintain. The homeowner makes this garden in the remaining carport area. The garden is filled with natural elements that make it no less interesting than other garden. You can also make this simple and beautiful garden in the outdoor space such as a part of patio or yard. 

Wooden tiles for garden decking 

To create a garden like this, you need some materials that we will describe completely below. Briefly you need wood tiles, river stones, pebbles, and some plants. 

Let's start from the decking garden. You can choose the wooden tiles exactly like the picture above. This wood tile is made of Bengkirai wood that has been through the finishing process, so it is heat-resistant, rainproof and anti-fungal. The wooden tile has a size of 30x30 cm, with two cross and plain's motifs. These wooden tiles are also easy to install. Below it, there is a tool to tightly and perfectly unite each tile. In terms of price, this tile in the country of the park owner is priced at $58.31*. 

*The price may vary depending on the region. 

Earthy Elements for Natural Ambience

credit to rumahsmd

You can fill the gap between each tile with the pebbles and big river stones. It will make the garden feel more earthy and natural. The homeowner need at least 6 pack pebbles with the price only $12.5*. In addition to pebbles, make a firm statement by placing river stones in this area. The using of pebbles and big river stones make the garden more dynamic.

The garden is incomplete without greenery. You can place inexpensive and low-maintenance plants in this garden. Cacti and calathea lutea plants is perfect to be placed in terracotta pots. For the cacti and plants, you can get at low price with the total amount  $26.04*.

*The price may vary depending on the region.

Step 1: Install the decking 

If you've got the tools and materials, let's get to work. Make sure the outdoor flooring is clean from the soil. If necessary, spray insect and mold repellent, so as not to damage the garden materials. Then, you can install the wooden tile with L-shape arrangements or as you see fit. 

Steps 2: Fill the gap between tiles with pebbles

credit to rumahsmd

The next step, fill the gap between wooden tile with pebbles. The combinations of white pebbles and natural brown tile will be a perfect combination. Make sure the pebbles are completely covered, so that the base floor is not visible from above. 

Step 3: Arrange the big river stones on the garden

Place the shards of river rocks in the space you have prepared. Arrange it perfectly so that these boulders does not disturb the steps and activities you do here. 

Step 4: Put the plants

credit to rumahsmd

When the decking is ready, another step that you have to do is placing the plants. It is better to put the plants in pots. Potted plants are easy to move, when you have to water it on outside the garden space. Place the potted plants on wooden tiles that you've prepared. 

Step 5: Place a table or seating area 

You can also make this kind of garden as place to relax. The empty wooden tiles can be used as seating place. Put the folding table as place to keep the garden decor and place to hold your favorite drink.

Step 5+: Install the garden lights

credit to rumahsmd

Of course, you don't want the garden to look dark and spooky, right? So, make sure to install the garden lights. There are a variety of lighting effects resulting from garden lights. There are garden lights with up light effects (lights highlighted upwards) which are great for illuminating objects such as sculptures, trees or garden wall textures to give a more dramatic impression. 

And walla, you will have a simple but beautiful garden that worth to post on your social media. 

Hopefully those How to Create A Mini Garden On Budget: 5 Steps (With Pictures)  is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about garden's ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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