7 Incredible Blue Living Room with Color Scheme Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- Blue is the  most popular living room colors. It can create a calming effect and brighten up the space. Besides that, mixing and matching the living room with blue and other color schemes is a fun thing to do. If you want to have a bright blue living room, matching it with white or pink color scheme is a right to do. But, if you want to have a dramatic blue living room, the combination of deep blue and earthy tone color is a good idea.  

And if you need more inspirations of blue living room with other color schemes, keep reading for 7 Incredible Blue Living Room with Color Scheme Ideas.

Blue Turquoise Living Room 


Turquoise is a new way to incorporate blue color in the living room. Using the blue  doesn't always have to be on the wall as a wall paint. You can add blue as accents that make the room look more beautiful. The homeowner gives a touch of turquoise to the ceiling, door, coffee table to the cushions. Some pink color scheme is added to add playfulness to the living room. 

Lively Blue and Pink Living Room 


Blue sky living room is a perfect choice for those who want livability and brightness. For these blue living room idea, the homeowner used a blue sky paint color that look bright and soft at the same time. A matching sofa with minimalist design is placed on the side of the living room. To sweeten up the room, the homeowner used pink things like the flowers, the cushions, to the outline of the ceiling.

Fresh Blue and White Living Room 


Create a sea breeze vibe at home by applying blue and white things in your living room. Blue pairs well with all neutral shades, especially white. Both combinations are perfect to brighten up the space. You can pick a tropical pattern on the soft furnishings or room decoration to make the living room look so fresh and cozy.    

Blue and Softer Colors  Living Room 


Expert Interior Designer, Elliot March said that when selection the right color to pair with blue walls, we believe  you need to accent it with softer complementary colors. This can be done by choosing artwork, soft furnishings, accessories in softer color like modern gray curtain, pink sofa, and wooden coffee table.

The Deep Blue and Wooden Furniture 


Some of us maybe in love with blue and rustic or traditional style living room. Both things can be brought at the same time in your living room. For example, the living room in the picture above. The wall is painted in deep blue color to create a cool and colorful tone to the room. While for the seating, the owner choose a sofa with wooden buffer, a wooden door and more. 

Blue and Modern Gray Living Room 


The blue wall work well with all neutral colors. You can create a dynamic blue living room by combining it with gray furniture in the living room. The bright blue look softer with gray things on it. Especially when the room is exposed to sunlight, the room is not too blinding. 

Dramatic Blue Living Room 


Want to have a dramatic and elegant living room? You can adapt this blue living room to your home. The wall is painted in white color, while the flooring is using vinyl or parquet floor. As the main furniture, you can buy a sofa and a pair of chairs in  blue navy color. For more elegant touch, don't forget to pick a coffee table in golden legs and frame. 

Hopefully those 7 Incredible Living Room with Color Scheme Ideas  is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about blue living room. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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