Contemporary Neutral Living Room With Terrace -- We often welcome guest in a room, but you can also design a living room by utilizing the open area in the house. The living room should also be designed as well and comfortable as possible so that you and your guests feel comfortable while in the area.

Use the terrace area as a place to receive guests. The design of the living room on the terrace will be fun. The following is a contemporary neutral living room with terrace that you can apply at home!

Living room on the terrace with tropical concept


The design of the living room on the first terrace carries a refreshing tropical concept. You can make a terrace full of beautiful ornamental plant decorations. Then place the table and chair in the middle as a stunning focal point.

Living room on the terrace attractive lighting


Create a living room to be more fun with the use of attractive lighting. In addition to the headlights, this outdoor concept living room is equipped with decorative lights to beautify the look. Choose a light effect with warm white color to get a more dramatic atmosphere.

Outdoor living room with synthetic rattan chairs

Because it is located in an open area, you have to choose furniture materials that are durable and resistant to various weather. Sofa chairs with synthetic rattan material are the best choice that you can try. This sofa comes with a functional L shape.

Living room on the terrace of the house with jungle concept


The following living room design has a shape resembling a soothing forest. Various types of ornamental plants appear to decorate the terrace area, so it is certain that the atmosphere of the room will feel cooler. Combine it with a wooden chair to get the impression of blending with nature.

Living room on the terrace with rustic concept


If you like rustic style design, the following living room inspiration you can make as inspiration. You can use wooden wall hangings to beatify the look. While the tufted lampshade reinforces the artistic rustic impression.

That's review of contemporary neutral living room with terrace that you can make as a reference. From the design above, which one is your favorite?

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

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