Stunning Loft Design Ideas to Encourage Quality Living -- Limited land in urban areas makes loft space quite popular as an option for urban dwelling. Loft space does present a home that looks trendy. You can get a bedroom that is separate from other living spaces, even in limited square area.

Here, you'll see a dwelling loft that fascinated us. This loft space is the dwelling of the Jenny__day in South Korea. The arrangement of the room will remind us of some of Korean Drama ambience. Clean look, tidy, airy and guaranteed to provide maximum comfort. 

We believe that this loft dwelling is good inspirations for you. For more detail, keep reading for Stunning Loft Design Ideas to Encourage Quality Living.

Sleek and warm loft design


Generally, loft dwellings are built to deal with land limitations. We well indeed get more space, but don't go crazy to store more stuff on it. The room will remain cramped and crowded if that is the case. 

We can imitate the arrangement of this loft apartment. White and other soft neutral colors serves as background to give a clean and airy look. The kitchen is right under the loft bed, although it looks small but is still quite high according to the owner's posture. Kitchen furniture is also in a sleek design, thus making this loft dwelling so complete. Not much decoration added. A little decoration is enough to beautify this loft dwelling

Loft dwelling with city view

A loft with a city view is something to be grateful for. The happiest time after work you can spend here, while looking at the city view. Window sill are used to display decorations, aromatherapy and clocks to make every space more functional. 

Another versatile idea is to place a mirror in the corner of the room. The mirror, yes, it is used for touch up. On the other hand, a mirror will also give the illusion of a more spacious room. 

Cozy living room design


What do you need to make a cozy living room? For us, the answer is a seating, entertainment media and keep the living space neat and clean. For loft dwelling, it is better to choose a sleek and modern sofa like this one. Underneath, place a rug to make the living room feel so warm and make your feet comfortable. Place the TV as an entertainment thing facing the sofa, so you can sit or lie down while watching your favorite TV show.

Sheer curtain for better light reflection

There are times when the sunlight that enters is too blinding, especially if the loft dwelling is on a high floor. Treat the window to deal with it. Install sheer curtains on window. The sheer curtains will keep the incoming light is softer, but still making the room bright. 

Just a fan and flower for better summer


When summer comes, you may need these two things. A fan will keep you fresh and make the sweat go away. While, the flowers will keep you happy and beautiful, as beautiful as the flowers in the glass vase. 

That's all for Stunning Loft Design Ideas to Encourage Quality Living. If you're thinking of building a loft or redecorating your loft, we hope this article was helpful enough to find inspiration that fits you. Get ready to build the perfect loft for you, and make you reluctant to leave it.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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