5+ Clever Room Divider Ideas - Stylish and Functional Partition Wall for Open Space

Helloshabby.com -- Partition wall are vertical divider that separate spaces in a building. Partition is the best for home with open space concept. A big room will clearly divide. They can provide privacy and flexibility of layout.  Using partitions is much cheaper, compared to full walls. Partition walls can be made of  block work, framed construction, or solid wood. 

If you need some simple yet stylish divider ideas, check out the review about 5+ Clever Room Divider Ideas - Stylish and Functional Partition Wall for Open Space. 

Minimalist Wooden Partition Design 

In a house with an open plan concept, there is a room that is good to be separated from other spaces. The space to receive guests and the living rooms can be separated by wooden partition. The design looks simple, but it's enough to provide privacy and comfort. This wooden partition design is also equipped with a box shelf for the place to put decoration. 

Versatile Partition Shelf

An open shelf is also good to be used as partition wall. It can enhance the visual appeal of the room. This kind of partition also let light through, so you don't need to install addition light in a room. You can divide a space and display your artifacts, decorations or books on this versatile partition shelf. 

Define zones with shelves

The shelves are stylish and function divider ideas. You can define the zone yet beautify it at the same time, while using this kind of shelves. The shelves have different design than before. There are more enclosed boxes, so it can provide more privacy that the previous partition rack design. 

Sleek Screen Divider


Screen help you to create a room within a big room. It also gives the aesthetic appealing to the room. You can install a screen only on the part of the room, so that the access in and out can remain spacious. 

Combination of wooden partitions and wall cladding

Try not to get wrong in choosing a divider. For a room that already looks classy and luxurious, use partitions that also provide visual luxury. You can choose a combination of wooden partitions and wall cladding that is so beautiful and splendid. 

Black and White Open Cabinet 

Cabinets can also be used as a space divider. The design can be chosen according to your taste. For example, a cabinet equipped with an open shelf to put the decoration of the room. This partition will divide your public and private, you get the privacy as well as charming visuals. 

Hopefully those 5+ Clever Room Divider Ideas - Stylish and Functional Partition Wall for Open Space are useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about stylish feature wall and partition design for open-plan living. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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