6 Chic Small Boho Balcony Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- Looking for something unique, warm and cozy for your small balcony? Why not try to adapt Bohemian or 'Boho' style into your balcony? Boho style is perfect for those of you who don't like the strict rulers and free-spirited, it's also suitable for those of you who like to mix and match ethnic patterns, bright colors and mixed between ethnic styles, hippies and vintage. 

Don't worry even the chic small Boho balcony look so good and cozy, actually some Boho ideas can be applied on budget. For more detail, keep reading for 6 Chic Small Boho Balcony Ideas!

1. Say Goodbye to Splendid and Luxurious Things


Chic Boho style often uses objects or furniture that tend to be cheap and make use of whatever objects are available. You can use daily items as one of the balcony decors, such as wooden craft, paper crafts, colorful pots and more. That's why, most of the small boho balcony not have splendid or luxurious look. Instead, the small boho balcony will look messy and not pretentious, but it still presents a cozy vibe. 

2. Bring Many of Fabrics to the Balcony


Fabric and soft furnishings are the most important element of Boho style decor. It usually applies to the cushions, rugs, throw, wall decor even a hammock. The pattern, color and texture don't have to be the same. The most important to keep them looking good when placed close together.

If you want it, you can have a chic small boho balcony design in earthy tone vibe. Choose some fabrics and throws in earthy tone vibe to make it appear more natural and cozy. 

3. Make Your Craft as Balcony Decor 


If you are one of those people who like to make DIY items, then a chic Boho style is perfect for you. The Boho style allows you to display your craft, such as plate painting, macrame crafts, and flower arrangements. Collect and arrange your craft in the small balcony space. So, it will create aesthetic value that looks chic and beautiful.

4. Play with Colors


You don't have to be smart to blend colors if you want to have a boho chic balcony. You can even use bold colors to decorate your small balcony. For example, the use of two patterned rugs in bright blue and deep pink, the installation of bright blue parasols, and the choice of a small plastic table in yellow color. Although it looks messy, but the blend will create a special artistic vibe to the balcony. 

5. Make It More Unique with Ethic Accessories


Antique furniture and ethnic decor will reinforce the boho feel on your balcony  space. You can choose a coffee table with unique wooden legs, a dashing display image of ethnic women, and a fence of natural wood fibers. Just make sure the ethnic furniture you choose still works properly and is not easily damaged. 

6. Put Comfort First 


A balcony that's as beautiful as anything is not good if it's uncomfortable. So, make sure you put comfort first when designing a chic small boho balcony. Add a cozy corner with a pair of rattan chairs with soft cushions. Next, add a patterned rug for a stylish look. Last, put some houseplants to the balcony for a fresh and natural atmosphere. 

That's all for the 6 Chic Small Boho Balcony Ideas. You can adapt one or some ideas to your small balcony space. The Boho style is surely making the small balcony look better than before. 

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