7 Best Full Sun Bromeliads


7 Best Full Sun Bromeliads

Helloshabby.com -- Try a new style in the garden of the house with a tropical touch you can try. By using several ornamental plants of the type of full sun, bromeliad will give a bright and pleasant green color.

Bromeliads are popular to be used as houseplants indoors because they have exotic leaves with the ability to withstand heat well. You can choose various types of bromeliads that can be grown in the room. Some amazing types you can see below:

Aechmea Phanerophlebia Rubra


Aechmea Phanerophelbia is a species of flowering plant in the family bromeliaceae. This endemic plant of brazil has a long upright leaf shape like a sword. Plants that are almost similar to pineapple leaves appear thorny and rough. The color of light green leaves, easy red and slightly white looks attractive under the leaves with a striped motif.

Vriesea Duvaliana


This plant is also knowing as the king of swords. A family of monocot flowering plants that have more than 3000 species and 50 generals. Each species that appears chooses a variety of forms. This plant belongs to a diverse family of epiphytes such as tillandsia and terrestrial species. Vriesea duvalina is a genus of vriesea that originated in the eastern state of Brazil.

Neoregelia Hybrid


Neoregelia is an epiphyte flowering plant in the family bromeliaceae. Plants originating from the rainforests of South America have beautiful color leaves. These two blends of light purple and dark purple almost pink form beautiful and transparent like neatly arranged stairs. The symmetrical oblong leaf shape reveals the leaves like a spoon.

Tillandsia Ionantha


Tillandsia ionantha is an ornamental plant that can be sold as an air plant. Plant that are easy to care for with leaf colors such as red branched stems at the ends and green easy. This beautiful flowers with purple color has beautiful yellow shoots mixed with pistils.

You can take care of it easily, as long as it in a very bright condition.

Aechmea Correia-araujoi


The next type of bromeliads plant is the beautiful Aechmea correia-araujoi with white and yellow being one. Plants such as this sword have a medium size and look striking to be used as a corner plant of space.



Tillandsia plant is an ornamental plant with a unique type of water plant because it is easy to care for and very minimal care. This plant is called an air plant because it can only live without other plant media. Or you can live with the air media.

This plant has fine feathers in the form of thorns in the entire body that can absorb water, nutrients in the air.

Dyckia 'Mary Ellen'


The last plant is dyckia. Bromeliads have the characteristics of rosette shape of that group. Plants with thick leaves can last long without moisture. Leaves that very a lot from long and roped to short and toothed. All the leaves are quite stiff, may be smooth or toothy, and solid. Long stalks with red, yellow, or orange flowers appear in spring.



Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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